Cancer Care

An interview with renowned cancer specialist Dr. Bernie Siegel, author of national best seller, Love, Medicine & Miracles. (28 min.)

Bernie Siegel "People do get well when they're not supposed to.
-- Dr. Bernie Siegel


Hosted by Bernie Seigel, M.D.

"There is no false hope in the individual who has an illness. It is real, it is physiologic, and I have no trouble giving it to people. Within the body is this incredible power. The body and mind communicate, so why not stimulate that?"

--Hope & A Prayer

"This is a polished, lyrical edition of Basic Bernie: provocative, innovative, comedic and eloquent. Dr. Siegel wraps his succinct doses of heady insights."

--Townsend Letter for Doctors

"The brain is a powerful organ, whose limits have not yet been established. In some cases, Hope & A Prayer may make the difference between life and death. A provocative interview. Recommended."

-- Video Librarian Magazine


"Hope & A Prayer should be mandatory viewing for students, health care professionals, anyone with a serious illness in their families."

-- Hugh Riordan, M.D., Past President
American Holistic Medical Association

"Cancer Treatment is hard on the body and tough on the spirit. Bernie Siegel puts heart into cancer care. His Hope & A Prayer adds a new front to the war on cancer."

-- Fitzhugh Mullan, M.D.
Former Secretary
New Mexico Health and Environment
Author, Vital Signs

"Bernie is the conscience of the medical profession. He speaks to the human side of the doctor-patient interface."

-- Dolores Krieger, Ph.D., R.N.
New York University