Patient Lifts and Transfers

Patient lifts and patient transfers without strain or exertion. No matter how heavy or disabled your patient is, lift your patient and transfer with ease.

Nurse moving patient

"This is magic, fantastic! Why hasn't someone thought of this before? The aides are absolutely bananas over it - raving over it. It's working here!"

-- Barbara Latimer MS, CCC-SLP
Superior Home Health Care, Oak Ridge, Il

Designed for hospitals, home care, assisted living homes, rehabilitation centers, and caregiving professionals, MOVING EASY is an in-depth treatment of groundbreaking patient lift and transfer techniques for disabled people.

From bed to bath, bath to chair, chair to car, and everywhere else, these transfer techniques make moving disabled people far, far easier. Less strain is less worry and less worry means better care for your patient. In addition, these patient lift techniques greatly reduce the chances of injury to patient and caregiver alike.

Prevent injury, increase results, and give better care.

National Mature
Media Award &
Telly Award.

MOVING EASY: Lift-free Patient Transfers

Hosted by Academy Award-Winning actress PATRICIA NEAL

This 6-part, 90-minute
video/DVD teaches six
simple concepts for making
lift-free patient transfers.

Moving and lifting patients becomes a matter of using your skills, not your back. These easy-to-learn patient lift and transfer techniques give you safer, stronger results with less effort. You and your patient are safer and more empowered. In addition, your skills support your patient’s dignity, as well as aid and enhance their recovery.

"These six basic principles will guide you in moving any patient."

--Carole Bernstein Lewis PT, PhD
Editor, Topics in Geriatric Rehabilitation

Doctor Jumping

The MOVING EASY program is required training for every nurse in Germany.

"Incredible! With these methods, you can easily move a large comatose patient."

-- Paula Devitt RN
Nurse Educator, St. Vincent Hospital, Santa Fe

"This program saved my back and my career!"

-- Verdell Chambliss
Central Alabama Veteran's Healthcare System, Tuskeegee

"A real contribution to disabled individuals and their families"

-- Greg Thomsen
V-P, The Patricia Neal Rehab Center, Knoxville, TN

"It worked! He weighed about 240 and is 6'4" and we (myself, LPTA and RP) were grateful for a lift-free transfer and saving 911 a call!"

-- Tammy Groce RPT
Superior Home Health Care of Oak Ridge

"Revolutionary! Simply could change how everything is taught from here on"

-- Steve Burns, PT
National Park Medical Ctr Hot Springs, Arkansas

"A real contribtuion to disabled individuals and their families. I am proud to have The Patricia Neal Rehab Center associated with your project."

Greg Thomsen V-P
The Patricia Neal Rehab Ctr. Knoxville, Tennessee

"Nothing short of superb."

Rosemary Murray
Dir. Staff Dev. Katerl Residence, NYC

"The use of sound movement principles is excellent. The concept of spiral movements is especially impressive."

Herb DeVries PhD
Professor Emeritus, Exercise Physiology, Univ. of Southern California

"Should be widely used by hospitals and LTC facilities to prevent back injuries and reduce worker's compensation claims. Excellent kinetic principles."

Robert Roush EdD, MPH
Baylor College of Medicine, Houston

"Demonstration of how to get up from a fall was beautiful. Basic concepts are presented in a way caregivers will easily understand. We were thrilled with the impressive transfer into the bathtub, and we especially like the concepts for organizing your environment, shifting weights, and establishing what both people want to do."

Video Review Panel (J. Rychlik PT, D. Gutt PT, K. Mattson PT, B Hebert OTR)
St. Vincent Hospital, Santa Fe